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Miss Universe 2011: Leila Lopes

13 Sep

In one word: Astounding is how I can describe last night’s Miss Universe 2011 pageant.

I personally loved how Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, came in, basically out of left field, and put her country back on the map. Becoming Miss Universe 2011. Her beauty is stunning, one can’t help but to stare at her in complete Awww, and be amazed at how Gorgeous she is.

Being from the Dominican Republic, I was rooting for Dalia Fernandez, Miss Dominican Republic 2011. But I must say, I was completely pleased with last night’s choice.

Leila Lopes was a true Beauty Queen last night, looking totally poised the entire night. She has such an innocence to her, that one can’t help but love her. Even when she thought, she was not going to make it and looked a little sad, her beauty was unparalleled. Her body is statuses, with her long legs and hard rock abs. She grazed the stage with such ease and finesse, that one could not help but be mesmerized by this girl.

Very fine choice, Mr. Donald Trump!

Leila Lopes, the new Miss Universe 2011, has given women of color a new soft and sexy look. Thank you Leila for bring sexy color back!!

I wish her all the luck in the world, and a bright and successful future!


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